The Molly Maid success story

Andy Crewe, who was axed twice from his job and saw a bleak future ahead of him, decided that it was time to go the distance on his own. Andy took a large chunk from his pay off and invested it in a company called Molly Maid which is a domestic cleaning franchise. After investing in Molly Maid, Andy Crewe has made it big and now employs teams of staff for his Molly Maid domestic cleaning service. Ever since they purchased a Molly Maid franchise, Andy Crewe and his wife Lynn have been making great profits.

Today Molly Maid is doing very well with clients from all over the UK. But it was not always this easy. When Andy found out that he was being made redundant from his job, he had to take care of two kids and a mortgage. With so many issues at hand, Andy admits that a large amount of anxiety did creep in. But after discovering that you could buy a franchise through franchise dealers, Andy and Lynne purchased the Molly Maid franchise which was an established franchise in many parts of Europe. Andy feels this was the best decision he has ever made.