The Oscar 2008 Franchisee Conference

Oscar was the finalist in the BFA franchisor of the year. They have also been franchising a pet food home delivery service since 15 years. Oscar has 90 franchisees from around the UK, and all of them are from a different background, bringing different experiences. All the franchisees have one thing in common, namely Oscar and pet nutrition. The firm just had its annual conference.

The Oscar 2008 conference played an important role in creating a positive energy that encouraged fellow franchisees to mingle and interact. The event was well planned with discussions and debates on various topics. Various franchisees were divided into teams and then were put to test.

Oscar always comes up with incentives and new products in order to help its franchisees to be helpful and forthcoming with their customers. Interaction helps to establish compatibility. They take cues from pet customers in order to bond and socialise. Oscar makes it a point to introduce all these key elements into the conference.