The sense of community in franchising

The great thing about being a franchise owner is that there is an enormous sense of community. People involved in franchises seem to get involved in a lot more things than a single business would and a good example of this is Caremark.

The franchise owner of Eastbourne and Wealden Caremark has sponsored a local raffle draw to help raise money for a new church building and community centre.

The raffle was drawn at a summer charity dance and it was a great event for all the community and in the end £1,200 was raised for the new church building and community centre.

Caremark got involved to try to raise awareness of the charity and this is just one community issue and event that the franchise has decided to support.

When you decide to take on a franchise, you will notice that there is a strong sense of community within the organisation. Franchisees help each other out and the franchisor will offer backing and support whenever it is needed and this sense of community extends to outside the franchise too. For this reason, franchising can be incredibly rewarding and of course, involvement with local issues and events just makes the job more interesting and enjoyable too.