The Slim Clinic Franchisees See Power of January Scales

With the turn of the year sees people all over the world making New Year resoultions, such as lose weight, save money and spend more time enjoying life. Fortunately for The Slim Clinic’s franchisees, they can help their clients with all of these.

The Slim Clinic are market leaders in Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment, one of the fastest growing branches of the health industry in the UK. The treatment has been shown to offer fast effective weight loss with no down time, no pain and no hefty bills.

Despite a record year both in terms of clients treated and franchises recruited, Sarah Entworthy explains that The Slim Clinic are showing no signs of letting up as they head into the New Year.

“January is traditionally the best time of year for any business in the self-improvement industry and The Slim Clinic are no different. New client procurement is higher than at any other time of year and its hugely important to us that our franchisees make the most of that.”

With a major marketing campaign planned for January, is there still time for new franchisees to get involved in time? “Absolutely! Our standard of new franchise recruitment is something we’re very proud of and we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring those with the right level of enthusiasm get involved with our product but thanks to our quick setup process we can have new franchisees ready to trade in weeks, rather than months, so there’s still time to get a few more territories covered before the New Year rush.”

The Slim Clinic are recruiting new franchisees through The UK Franchise Directory now and in an effort to increase market share are still offering an exclusive discount on their usual Franchise Fee as well as their trademark money back guarantee. Click here to read more.