The world of franchising through NXO

NXO is a franchised network of strategic marketing consultancies that deals within the whole of the UK. This franchise network was developed out of an existing agency that had a successful track record of twelve years. The agency has grown tremendously since then with outlets all over UK. NXO provides international brands with a full agency service at a strategic and tactical level. They do the same with public sector organisations and small to medium enterprises.

As NXO is the only strategic marketing franchise in the UK, they provide people with an unrivalled opportunity. In order to qualify for the conditions of NXO, people have to have marketing experience of at least 10 years, either through an agency or client-side that will enable them to not only set up but also run their own consultancy. NXO Creative Hub provides these consultancies with full support via marketing communication services.

The NXO strategic network also provides links between fellow franchisees. These franchisees have individual experience over a wide area. This not only helps provide an important support network, but also gives an opportunity for exciting and new collaborative projects. The NXO offering to their clients has an added value with marketing specialties and an exclusive pool of knowledge regarding industry sectors.