Thoughts of Dierdra about YogaBugs

Dierdra Levings from South Manchester considered franchising to be an ideal option for her since she wanted to be her own boss and was not sure what to do. She had various ideas but was too busy to start a business from scratch. According to her, the brand and the proven business model are the best things about franchising. You need to be passionate and committed about your product and need to put your effort and time to develop your business.

Dierdra considered various franchise opportunities which included a well reputed franchise in her area which had been running successfully for many years. She was convinced by none their offers.

Finally she was convinced by the opportunity seen in YogaBugs as it is a great brand and she had a love for yoga. According to Dierdra, YogaBugs is a great franchise opportunity even for those who are not a yoga practitioner. The purpose of this franchise is very positive. The business potential of YogaBugs is excellent because the classes support the core principle of “Every Child Matters” and it taps into government funding.

Dierdra is very comfortable working with YogaBugs as this was her dream job and she feels honoured and proud to be a part of a worthwhile and inspiring business network.