Tinies, the UK’s leading franchising network for Childcare, entertains children in an innovative way

Oliver Black, the director of Tinies, has conceived of an idea to keep children entertained at a wedding with the first nationwide mobile crèche. This mobile crèche service is for fun and organised childcare at different events, particularly weddings. Children do attend weddings, but they usually get bored and therefore it is always a matter of debate whether to take them, or make them stay at home.

Tinies crèche team is qualified and trained in first aid. They help children enjoy their time and take part in different kinds of fun activities. Children are looked after in a safe and organised way so that they do not get bored.

The Tinies crèche team brings all the activities with them, such as play equipment, music, games, sports equipment and arts and craft to keep the children in the age-group of 3 months to 16 year busy and engrossed. They use up the space in the hotel or a private room, to convert it into a safe crèche so that the children can enjoy their day as much as the adults do. The Tinies crèche team even has clowns and magicians.

Tinies provides services for several gyms, including Hurlingham club and Roehamton club and the UK’s top hotels like Hampshire, Stoke Park, The Four Seasons and Buckinghamshire.

Tinies is among the largest franchisees for Childcare in UK.