Top employee for Merry Maids gets Team Member of the Year award

Merry Maids, a UK cleaning franchise, has awarded the top employee belonging to one of its franchise owners with a Merry Maids Team Member of the Year award. Tracy Middleton who is an employee of the Merry Maids Flyde and Blackpool franchise was the one to win the award from the other 850 Merry Maids employees in the UK.

The owner of the Merry Maids franchise of Flyde and Blackpool, Nicky Morris said that Tracy was their first employee and it was a real delight that her colleagues nominated her for the award. Morris added that Tracy has developed excellent relationships with her colleagues and customers and is a dedicated and valuable employee that puts in more than a 100 percent.

All of the 100 Merry Maids franchises in the UK were encouraged to submit nominations for the award. Merry Maids has a network of franchised businesses all over the nation and is operated by Service Master Ltd, a leading franchisor in the UK.

Steve Emmerson, the Managing Director of Service Master, presented a bouquet of flowers, a £250 cheque and an engraved glass award to Tracy. He said that they had received great number of nominations but due to the endorsements she obtained from customers and colleagues Tracy stood out as a really dedicated member.