Tossed celebrating its expansion

Tossed, a salad bar franchise is celebrating the opening of its salad bar at Westfield London, the largest shopping centre in Europe. They have also introduced a couple of new salads to their menu. The salads contain less than 450 calories and target both ends of the market. The highly indulgent £100 salad is made up of ingredients like Perigord truffles, pata negra ham, quail eggs, Wagyu beef, and wild mushrooms. The more affordable Credit Crunchy Salad is made up of ingredients like tuna, pumpkin seeds, cashews, pepper, and broccoli.

Vincent McKevitt, tossed founder and business studies graduate said that people in the UK still consider healthy eating as a boring activity because healthy eating for them is all about munching rice cakes and eating cucumber, tomatoes, celery and lettuce. Tossed is changing peoples perception about healthy eating by changing their side dish status to tasty big meals, low in calories and fat.

By the end of this year, Tossed is planning to open 10 franchises as part of their nationwide expansion plan. The Tossed menu has more than 20 freshly prepared salads and hot drinks. The majority of their snack products also carry the fair trade stamp.