Trophy Pet Foods arrive at Croome Park for annual “Dogathon”

Croome Park will play host to dog owners and their dogs on Sunday. The trust owned Landscape Park will host the popular Dogathon at Croome Park this year in association with Trophy Pet Foods. Trophy Pet Foods will have a large number of prizes which it will sponsor for the event. Trophy Pet Foods is the premier animal food franchise in the UK with a solid reputation as the best in the business.

Additionally, members of the Perry Barr Greyhound Trust will be present at Croome Park all day with their four legged greyhounds. They will also talk to visitors about their philosophy and a hope for rehabilitating retired greyhounds.

There will be a sort of treasure hunt held at Croome Park which will involve owners and dogs following clues in order to gather answers and win a prize. Trophy Pet Foods will be on the site all day with some interesting knick knacks and many treats for elegant and pampered dogs. Trophy Pet Foods will also have a stall of their own which will have a large variety of pet treats on display.

Amy Forster the Visitor Services assistant looks forward to welcome all dog owners and dogs to Croome Park for a fun filled afternoon with their dogs.