TruGreen advice on keeping your lawn looking lush

Although we may seem to be a nation of people who enjoy hours of leisure time tending our gardens, many of us may not be mowing our lawns as frequently as we should be during the summer months. This was a statement made by experts from the leading lawn care franchise, TruGreen. TruGreen is a lawn care franchise that has more than 50 specialists all over the nation.

Technical expert from the lawn care franchise, Andy White said the appearance and quality of lawns can be improved by mowing higher and more regularly. He also said that at the current time, lawns are growing at a faster rate as compared to other times of the year. The warmer weather helps the grass to put their energy into growing taller. Mowing the lawn frequently, if possible, at least twice a week is a good idea.

However, he said, it is advisable to keep the height of the grass at about one and a half to two inches high. This will help in training grass to put energy into growing stronger and thicker instead of taller. Improvement in the quality of your lawn will be seen in no time at all. The benefits will be a healthier looking lawn, better ground coverage and it will also be difficult for weeds to get through.

White added that a sharp mower blade can give you a clean cut while a blunt one can harm the grass plant and leave it vulnerable to diseases.