Two musicians celebrate success of their music school franchise

Sometimes, franchise opportunities can come along at exactly the right time. And that is certainly the case for Simon Baker and Andy Wilson.

They both had a strong background in the music industry but were looking for something different; a new challenge. They were a little bored of the corporate nature of the music industry and were looking for something new.

Having considered setting up a rock school in their local area before, they didn’t need asking twice when they came across the Clive’s Easylearn Pop Music School franchise.

This opportunity seemed perfect. The business partners could easily set up a rock school without having to structure it and start the business from scratch.

The business partners have received huge support from the head office since starting their Clive’s Easylearn Pop Music School franchise. Head office has given them everything they need to get them off the ground and have always been there for support when they have been needed.

The schools have been a massive success and the business partners are having fun running their franchise. For two musicians looking for something new, this franchise really did come along at the right time and has allowed them to fulfil their dreams.