UK Franchise options for women

Franchising, simply explained is interdependent business processes sharing awareness about a brand name. It is a method of marketing that simply uses the awareness of a brand name to sell. More and more women in UK today are considering franchising. For many of them it is a way of living out the life of an entrepreneur without really taking a risk.

If you are a woman looking to make headway into the franchise business, this is the right time for you. Irrespective of your sex, what franchising requires on your part is the ability to be self motivated. This will take the business forward and having the ability to follow the protocol of the operation system are the two factors which drive the franchising business.

In a recent survey it was revealed that, 9 out of 10 active franchise systems in the UK trade profitably. Out of the 383,000 franchise organisations, nearly 25% were run by women in the UK, in the 2008 report by the NatWest/British franchise association survey.

Franchising is seen by a growing number of women today as a great way to make one’s mark despite the constraints of a domestic life, and also allows them to have greater flexibility in their work routine. A franchise provides the benefits and training of a big company and at the same time also offers the flexibility of a small business.