UK Web Development Franchise Set for International Expansion

Web development franchise Activ has recruited more than 85 franchise owners across the UK since its launch in March 2008.  In addition to this the company, which builds websites for SMEs, has attracted interest from prospective franchise owners living abroad.

Simon Rickett, joint Director of Activ, said:  “The model has proved so successful that we are now recruiting franchise owners in France, Australia, Ireland and most recently Spain.  Kevin Grist, our Madrid-based Master Franchisor, has identified vast potential in Spain where as many as 70 per cent of Spanish SMEs have no online presence, and is currently in the process of recruiting up to 50 franchise owners.

“It has been a similar story in other overseas markets where despite the popularity of the internet many smaller businesses are not yet fully exploiting the marvellous opportunities it offers.”

Dillion Boivin, joint Director of Activ, said:  “Having a website built in Spain can cost literally thousands of Euros and is often a complex process so our simple, jargon free approach is most welcome there.”

Activ, which charges UK customers a fixed £499 for a standard website and £999 for an e-commerce site is offering Spanish-based businesses a basic website package for €599 and an e-commerce one for €1299.  Simon added:  “One of the key benefits of online marketing is its capacity for businesses everywhere – regardless of their size – to reach customer nationally and internationally as well as locally.

“However, despite the popularity of the internet there are still businesses at home and abroad who are missing out on its potential for increasing their sales and profits, promoting their goods and services and generally enhancing their reputations.

“With Activ continuing to grow rapidly in Britain we are confident of replicating this success globally and are constantly on the lookout for more Master Franchisors like Kevin Grist who can roll out our business model overseas.

“There is no doubt that we are all operating in a global marketplace these days, so it makes sense that the advantages online marketing provides for a business in one country will apply equally to businesses based in another country.”

Dillon added:  “In overseas markets as in Britain, smaller companies are rapidly realising that having an online presence should be viewed as an investment not a cost.  At Activ we can help meet an SME’s requirements in an affordable, professional way and are pleased to be getting in there right at the start.”