Understanding the finer points of automotive repair franchises

The automotive repair franchise business is divided into two broad categories, namely garage-based franchises and mobile repair franchises.

Mobile repair franchisees are basically operated by mobile mechanics in vans based at home or an office. The work involves fixing engine troubles and small repairs on areas like plastic bumpers, alloy wheels, windscreens, paintwork, chips, minor dents and car body scratches. It has a comparatively cheaper cost to when repairs are done at a body shop.

On the other hand, in the case of a garage-based facility, the franchise revolves around sorting out serious damage and repairs on the car, such as in the area under the bonnet like the gear system, brake, clutch and the horn, by installing spare parts whenever necessary.

In an automotive franchise - garage based - you need more mechanical experience then with a mobile franchise, but the latter also requires a good knowledge of cars and the engine, unless it’s just chip repairs you are doing.

Franchisors provide adequate training to the franchisees in this regard to help them run the business effectively. All in all, this represents a good window of opportunity for budding entrepreneurs who have an interest in this particular domain, namely the automotive repair business.