Vincent McKevitt’s salad bar franchise “Tossed”- A success story

You can become you own boss whenever you actually want. Vincent McKevitt’s salad bar franchise is another example that endorses this idea.

Vincent McKevitt, then 24, started his small business four years ago when he was a fresh Business Administration graduate. He had to take a loan and sell his house in order to start his business. Although he started a salad bar franchise he did not have much knowledge about cooking. He had a business vision and the guts to start a new business.

After a time span of four years his success story is well known in the franchise trade. Today there are 7 “Tossed” salad bars, 2 of which have been franchised. The “Tossed” salad bars are not located just anywhere but are operating from prestigious locations like Westfield London and flagships in Harrods 102.

Hard work, a vision and desire to open a multi-unit business chain that spreads throughout the UK and Europe made this possible. In order to recognise the effort of this young entrepreneur Tossed franchise has been declared as finalist in two award categories- the Enterprising Young Brits award and Retail Business of the Year which is organised by Fast Growth business awards.

Vincent McKevitt wants to open 30 Tossed franchise outlets by 2011 in all the major cities of UK and Europe. So, if you were thinking about becoming your own boss, become a Tossed franchisee and write your own success story.