Voucher Packs – a successful franchise business

Due to the economic downturn, the competition between local businesses has intensified and this is what has enabled Avril Leeming, a Voucher Packs franchise owner, to start off her Huddersfield business on a great footing. As she explains, the economic lurch has ensured that her business is secured up to March 2009 and the main reason for this is the credit crunch faced by people.

Avril has been in the advertising business for 12 years after which she was introduced to Voucher Packs through a friend and the interesting business concept led her to invest in it.

The concept, which has been in use in USA since 35 years, provides a direct mail service, in which DL-size wrapped branded packs containing leaflets from various businesses, local and others are distributed to select households.

A few months old and Avril has already started getting positive feedback from customers. The best thing Avril feels about her business is telling prospects about the amazing results achieved through Voucher Pack franchising. Since it is also flexible, it suits her work schedule perfectly.

Although Avril had worked earlier with advertising, the training provided at Voucher Packs was amazing. Initially classroom based, covering advertising, field training is what gave her a firsthand experience. The training is very useful in managing and running a successful franchise.