Want to do great business? Make the most of the credit crunch

People are tired of the doom and gloom that is caused by the credit crunch. The financial crisis is actually increasing the demand services from Car Medic Group, so it might actually be a better time for people to invest in their business.

Andrew Hack, group founder and CEO said “that their franchisees have seen increase in the demand for their services and they believe this is because the customers recognise the value of repairing, caring and getting the best value from their vehicles in such an economic climate”.

Car Medic International Group has been bringing profitable business ideas to the global franchise market for more than a decade by introducing innovative business ideas that no one else could offer. The new services that have been brought to the United Kingdom are often copied but cannot be matched or bettered.

Researching new technologies and developing unique franchise packages is a talent which the group is proud about. According to Andrew Hack, their Research and Development team is dedicated in searching the world for gaps in automotive markets. The field for cosmetic repairs carries a huge demand for faster and more effective alternatives to costly old repair methods. The group’s track record speaks it all. All van based franchise packages operate by using the same basic principles which are; low running costs, start up costs and high profits.