Want to have a social life?

Kevin Bewick and Lisa Bolton are happy by owning a SITB franchise as it has considerably improved their quality of life. SITB has significantly shortened their working week. They are now able to take holidays on a regular basis which reduces their levels of stress. Last year, Kevin and Lisa visited Sorrento in Italy for a holiday.

Kevin owned a convenience store and worked long hours, often for seven days a week before he joined SITB. Though Kevin earned a good income from his previous business, he had neither the time nor energy in which to enjoy his social life. He wanted to change from this busy schedule and spoke to a franchisee that sold greeting cards to his store, then beginning research on the different opportunities offered by franchising.

Finally, Kevin chose SITB as it was related with the quality snack brand Cadbury. It required a relatively low investment, and meant that he could function as a sole man in a van operation, with no need to employ staff at that stage.

SITB offers training about all you need to know for running the business. They also provide ongoing support.

In December 2007, David took over the North East SITB territory and improved the weekly turnover from £ 1,400 to £ 2,650.