Ways to develop a strong Franchise Franchisor relationship

Are you one of those who already own a franchisee and are worried as to how long will the franchisor support you? Do you really think he will give you exclusive rights? Then you should be working overtime in trying to build a strong relationship with your franchisor. Franchise is a format wherein the success of one depends on the support of the other and hence a strong franchisee franchisor relationship is very important. We tell how to do that in jut 5 simple ways

• Align your business goals Although a franchise is a self owned business model it does not allow much scope for creativity in its format which is already tried and tested by the franchisor. Hence it is very important that one aligns his own goals with the goals and objectives of the franchisor. Once both the parties share a common goal the scope for conflict greatly reduces.

• Daily communication Let there be constant communication between you and the franchisor. Send the franchisor a weekly report of your business, by doing this you will come to know about areas of business that need improvement and also the franchisor will also get an idea as to what changes need to be made to improve the business.

• Involvement Be totally involved in your job; always keep giving the franchisor your feedback. Also be a part of the network where all franchisees come together and discuss business related issues, this will help in broadening your business perspective. Let the franchisor know that you are as involved with his franchise as he is.

• Suggestions If you think you have an idea that can make a difference to the franchise then say it out loud. In fact most of the successful franchises are run on business models which are constantly evolving based on the suggestions of the franchisee. Since the franchisee is in direct contact with the end user, his Suggestions are invaluable for the franchisor. Your suggestion counts so go ahead and say it out loud!!!

• Professional interaction Keep the interaction with your franchisor thoroughly professional. Note down all the conversations on paper. Also react peacefully in times of conflict, maintain your calm and ultimately the matter will be resolved. All promises made by the franchisor should be taken in writing.