Web design franchise ORCA expanding nationwide

ORCA, one of the leading web design franchises, has recently launched a nationwide recruitment drive. It wants to attract prospective franchisees that have good people business management skills.

According to the business advisor of ORCA, John Thompson, the company has been able to create a rock solid platform for its growth. In addition to this, the company has also created 447 territories across the United Kingdom that are already up for sale. All these prospective franchisees need not have an IT background as ORCA provides you with website designers who possess vast knowledge and experience. The basic responsibility of the franchisee remains the same. They just have to meet and source new business and maintain a good relationship with the customers. They should also focus on the individual requirements of each and every customer.

ORCA was established in 2006 and helps in providing branded quality websites that are search engine friendly at very reasonable rates. ORCA also focuses on the specific and important needs of an individual’s business. With the help of all the specialised website designers, ORCA creates high quality websites that help in enhancing the business. All businesses have specific selling points and different target audience. ORCA helps in meeting all their requirements.

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