Well Polished franchise dramatically improved Kal’s quality of life

Kal Patel is very satisfied about his decision to invest in a Well Polished franchise. The net monthly turnover of his business is nearly £3,000 which provides him with a better life/work balance. Former project manager Kal Patel chose to become a Well Polished franchise owner which he now believes was the best decision he ever made. As his own boss, Kal Patel works at an average of 15 hours in a week while having the comfort of working from home. Kal is very keen to continue his success as the business grows and hopes to increase his monthly turnover which in turn will increase his salary.

Kal said that he was tired of working the usual 9-5 from Monday to Friday while he hated the fact that if he requires doing overtime, he was not paid any extra. He did not have any time for himself and so he wanted to be the recipient of all his hard work. So starting up a business was the perfect solution for him. Kal had researched franchising and he felt that it was a less risky way for him to become his own boss. With franchising, he would have an established business model to work with and so he contacted several different franchisors.

Well Polished got back to him immediately and so he arranged a meeting along with Sandra Venables, the company founder. Kal was impressed with Sandra’s knowledge, honesty and the package provided by Well Polished franchise.