Well Polished franchise owner Susan Kay shares her experience

Despite not having any earlier office or managerial experience, Susan Kay, owner of Well Polished franchise, has built a successful business to be proud of. After making a shift from cleaner to franchise owner of Well Polished, just a year ago, Susan Kay is presently enjoying a better lifestyle, bigger salary and foreign holidays along with her family.

Susan’s Liverpool based business continues to grow progressively despite the global economic recession. And in the past two months alone, she increased her customer base from 60 to 90 clients, getting her a step closer to her goal of an annual turnover of £80,000. She said that she had initially worked as a cleaner for Well Polished with the company founder, Sandra Venables, for around 18 months before making her decision of becoming the first franchise owner.

She also said that after gaining 18 months of experience, she knew the brand better and had witnessed a growing success of the brand and so, she wanted to become a part of it. The only issue with her was lack of managerial and office experience. However, with several discussions with Sandra, she realised that Well Polished would provide her with the much needed skills to run her own franchise effectively.

Franchise owners of Well Polished are not required to do any cleaning – instead they need to manage their cleaning contracts, search for suitable household cleaners and communicate with their clients to make sure that they receive a good-quality cleaning service time after time.