What is a Master Franchise?

Are you someone who is ready to put in hours of hard work, brain storming, blood, sweat and all that, but the only thing that you want in return is Money, then a master franchise could be for you. A master franchise is a right given to an individual by the franchisor to provide his franchise to other aspiring franchisees. A master franchisor usually gets the right to sell the franchise over a particular area or region. Let us familiarize you with the intricacies of running a master franchise

Some of the features of being a master franchise:

• It is very satisfying as you play a major role in developing the franchisors business in a particular area. • You also have the franchisors business rights over an exclusive area • Also you can open your own franchisee at a reduced cost • There is great profit potential because you have the rights over a large area and with good market knowledge and a good product, success can’t be too far. • You receive a part of royalty from the franchisee • You also receive a substantial amount from the initial franchise fee that your franchisee pays to the franchisor. • It is not necessary to buy office space if you are a master franchise, you can operate from home or even a small office • One doesn’t need to hire many people; he can start with 2-3 people and then expand in case the business demands it. • Since one doesn’t necessarily need big office space and a huge staff, overhead expenses are very low. • Since you own a master franchise, the franchisor pays special attention to your business as his success depends on yours. • It is said that a master franchise has a success rate of almost 90 %.

So if you have sound financial backing, and an urge to live a better lifestyle, then what are waiting for, go get a master franchise…