Who can be a franchisee?

Although franchising is far more accessible than starting your own business, it’s not something that just anyone can do. There are certain traits that you will need in order to be a successful franchisee and here are some of them:

• You will need to be motivated and ambitious for success. • You will have to be confident in your abilities to run and manage a franchise. • You will need to be able to learn new skills and also pass these skills on to other people. • Management skills are also important. • You should have sales and customer services skills too.

The great thing about franchise opportunities is that they will no doubt offer a lot more support than you would experience from starting your own business. You will have the backing of the franchisor to help you through the process and provide support when you need help.

One thing to remember is that you don’t necessarily have to have experience in the field that you choose to work in when it comes to franchising. The franchisor will be able to train and advise you on running the franchise. But an interest in the industry that you choose is preferable.