Why Activ franchise works well with couples

The latest report revealed that many working fathers are not making the most of their entitled paternity leave. Accomplishing the ideal work and personal life stability is much easier said than it is done. With several households concerned about job security, men often stay at work in order to keep their job. But some say they can’t afford to take time off work, particularly for a longer period than the constitutional 2 weeks paid paternity leave period.

Against this difficult backdrop, more and more couples are exploring different ways for making a living while spending some quality time with their families. Franchising is an attractive option. Activ Web Design’s successful young director, Simon Rickett frequently receives enquiries from many couples of different age groups in diverse situations who are keen to determine the enterprise that they can easily run together.

Simon said that they have numerous husband and wife teams among their franchise-holders. A few of them dedicate their complete time to build their franchises whereas others run theirs on a part-time basis.

Activ is a good example of how franchising can work fine for couples due to the great flexibility that its business model offers. For example, some of the web design assignments can be carried out at the weekends or in the evening.

Simon further added that with appropriate planning, their franchisees can and do figure out ways of running a successful business while still managing to spend quality time with their family than they earlier did when working for an employer.