With business booming, expansion is next on the cards for Chips Away

Chips Away franchisee, Rob Hussey, who has had less than two years in the business, is already looking at ways to expand and is willing to work with an employee just so he can stay on top of business. Although the current economic climate is not all that favourable, he claims to be up to his neck with work. However, he feels great that his business is booming and that it is in such huge demand.

Mr Hussey, who worked in the motor trade for 25 years before he became a Chips Away franchisee, said the change brought along with it a wonderful difference to his life. He also said that he has gained a lot of income and flexibility through working for himself. The income comes from the great business which has kept him constantly on his feet recently, working all the days of the week.

When he first decided to work for himself, Rob was in search of a business opportunity where he could use his skills and build up his experience and he ended up looking in the automotive industry for franchise opportunities. What impressed him about Chips Away was the solid training and the solid structure that they offered.

Today, he says that there is never a shortage of work and he is almost always booked for weeks into the future, but he also enjoys the work and wants to climb higher. He concludes that this was the right decision for him and is confident in investing more in his business.