Women in franchising

With franchising enterprises permeating all areas of business and occupying prominent positions across several vertical markets, there has been much research and studies conducted within the arena. Recent studies indicate that women generally possess a unique style and approach towards business that can gain them an edge in the franchising world. Women are sometimes preferred for certain businesses when compared to men due to these singularly unique characteristics that make them ideal for the business.

While discussions on gender equality are at its peak and companies are vying with one another in an increasingly competitive market, studies clearly indicate that women are better equipped to multi task. They can also maintain a clear view of the overall business picture and adopt simple and direct approaches by focusing on one task before moving on to another, whilst remaining within the confines of the franchise agreement and following the specified business model. This type of mindset is essential and appreciated in a small business franchisee.

With franchising having been honed to a new business form and opportunities abounding, the thought pattern possessed by female entrepreneurs allows them to achieve initial success more easily. It is even more beneficial for single, struggling women who require a flexible business that can offer a good return on investment. There are scores of women who are keen on trying their hand at entrepreneurial opportunities.

Gender stereotyping is also being extinguished and enabling more and more women to enter arenas which were earlier considered as male-dominated environments. As franchising is a less risky business model than other business start ups and offers some support structure, women are busy carving a niche for themselves in an effort to secure their future and obtain financial independence.