World TEFL Association Announces Expansion With New TEFL Franchise Opportunities

The World TEFL Association (WTA) announced significant expansion today with 16 new TEFL franchise owners.The WTA specialises in TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) training course in over 60 locations worldwide.

The privately held association embodies a number of independently run TEFL courses around the world with a focus on quality training, excellent customer service and a new global standard. The World TEFL Association has set it’s goal on challenging the major established operators such as Cambridge CELTA and Trinity college.

Andrea Freeman, President, says the organisation’s growth has come naturally: "The recession has generated a 62% increase in enrollments for TEFL training around the world. Many people see a TEFL qualification as an relatively easy ticket to a guaranteed job and a new life overseas." The company's new marketing line is: Gain a TEFL in just two weeks, secure a teaching job for life.

Mrs. Freeman continues: "There remains a truly massive demand for TEFL trained English teachers overseas. For example, in countries such as China and Thailand, ESL language schools have already got students signed up for English courses, but they don’t have a teacher to tutor them. This leaves the door wide open for job opportunities in many countries around the world."

The World TEFL Association offers a turnkey franchise opportunity for prospective entrepreneurs. “We have over 10 years experience in online marketing and we have tested hundreds of different strategies,” claims Andrea. “In the past few years alone, we've spent a fortune on advertising that did not work! Through years of trial and error, we have developed a proven marketing system that consistently brings in a 566% return on our advertising spend. This business can be run online from any location with little or no overheads.”