So what has Platinum Business Partners taught Bryan?

Before joining, Bryan had no idea what products to sell and how to even research viable products that customers would want to buy online in numbers that would give him the additional income he wanted. The online and offline training, coupled with one-to-one mentoring, introduced Bryan to a formula for product selection success.

Bryan added: “I didn’t know where to start initially as I didn’t have a particularly strong interest in any products beforehand. However, I looked at all of the categories that we were taught would work and narrowed it down to Sports and Outdoors. By simply following the system and the training, we came up with two product concepts and put in my first order at the end of June.”

By September, Bryan had a folding shovel and mess kit containing portable pots and pans that were perfect for campers available to buy in Amazon.

The folding shovel has been a roaring success for Bryan, with more than 2,000 units sold to date and generating a 20% net profit. The mess kit is also doing well, consistently selling between five and seven units a day on average.

Bryan is now focussing on his two new products – marshmallow sticks and a lightweight double hammock – and improving his marketing strategies by outsourcing product listing optimisation and taking advantage of Google AdWords mentoring within Platinum Business Partners.

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