"Everything about Time For You is beneficial. I have so much more time now, a better income and I provide a fantastic service to my clients."

Before taking on the Time For You franchise in the Milton Keynes and Warwick areas, Sam Stawarz was a full-time chef and ran his own catering business in the evenings. However, it was a lot of work for little income. Sam tells us his story.

"Having a family at a young age and working 70 hours a week barely left me any time to sleep, let alone have a social life. If I wasn't working late in to the night, I was sleeping the majority of the day to recover from the long shifts. As my children got older, I became more and more aware of how much of their childhood I was missing out on; little things like getting them ready for school.

"You may think I was being selfish working such unsociable hours, but I needed to support my family, even if it was costing me the better things in life. That was before I discovered a way to have my cake and eat it.

"I was introduced to Time For You and the rewards were instantaneous. The extra hours I have in the week are dedicated to making up for lost time with my family and the increase in my personal income helps that happen nicely. My £80,000 profit in 2012 was the perfect Christmas present.

"Everything about Time For You is beneficial. I have so much more time now, a better income, and I am able to provide every one of my current 292 clients with a fantastic service from one of my 60 independent cleaners.

"Getting started couldn't have been easier. Not only was I provided with all the information I needed, a website, leaflets and other tools of the trade, I was also welcomed into a network of franchisees that's like a family. There's so much support given from other franchisees, you really don't have any reason to fail.

"I won't lie; a considerable amount of hard work is required if you're considering buying a franchise, but if you work hard it won’t be long before you're reaping the benefits."

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Time for You

  • Franchise Opportunities
  • Investment Level
  • £10,000 - £0
  • Place of Operation
  • Work from home
  • Franchise Type
  • Single Unit Franchises
  • Management Franchise