Francisco and Kelvin - Crawley, Sussex

As days goes by, Francisco and Kelvin are convinced that they made the right decision to buy the franchise opportunity offered by Match Options. After several searches, they chose Match options and made a decision to give it a trial. Here they speak about their experience.

Initial Discovery Meeting

"We were impressed by the presentation which supported what is stated on the company's website and business opportunity prospectus. Our previous experience was that many other franchisors give a presentation that differed from what they had advertised. We were lucky that we had some experience in recruitment and it was therefore easy for us to make a quick opinion and decision on what was on offer. We immediately hit off with the franchise team after this presentation and we signed off for the initial training!"

Initial Training

"We underwent the initial intensive training and to our satisfaction, we are confident that the trainers are very professional, realistic, knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in this highly regulated social and healthcare industry. All answers to our questions were properly addressed.We would encourage those taking this franchise opportunity to attend this initial training because it is not only motivating but also made us believe in ourselves that we had entered into a supportive partnership. We are free to speak to employees in the company's many branches, and when we do so, we always feel welcome and as members of a big family.We believe the company has one of the best IT systems with an online data management system that makes it so easy to handle all areas of daily operations dealing with workers and clients. The system also enables the delivery of support and response from the franchising team so easy to our satisfaction."

Set Up

"From the setup of our office to the commencement of trading, the franchising team has been extremely helpful and patient, also being receptive to our various ideas and suggestions. They respect our independence as investors.The team also gave us invaluable advice and guidance in the search for appropriate premises for our office. From their experience gained when opening their many branches, they ensured that we got the right leasing terms, telephone systems and even postage arrangements.We are still receiving on-site visits and training in our office, and learning some tricks of trade one can never gain without support from those who started their business the same way we have, like Match Options. They are a good mentor to our success and it is very clear that if we succeed, then Match Options also succeeds."


"We are impressed that we took a territory where the company has clients and workers and we have started trading from day one. We are now ready for the challenge to improve on the business opportunity in Sussex. We are now experiencing the income streams as was promised when we committed ourselves - training of staff, CRB checks and general recruitment placements. We have no doubt that the support structure within Match Options is a great opportunity to quickly build a successful and profitable business."