Three franchisees speak about their experience in starting a Gateway Homes franchise.

Ian Butler - Leeds, Bradford, Halifax & Skipton, Manchester North and Middlesbrough

"I became a franchisee in May 2010. This was due to the existing synergy with my current business. I really wanted to get involved in the residential property market and saw an available franchise opportunity with Gateway Homes. I could see that the business had excellent potential in an economic downturn, and I am pleased to say my decision was right. Gateway provides outstanding support from day one. I received superb training at head office and soon got in to the swing of things when I went out to visit motivated vendors at their homes.

"Carrying out property appraisals on a day to day basis has given me an unprecedented knowledge of the property market. The amount I have learnt about the housing market in the two years or so is unrivalled. Furthermore, I have received other opportunities through being a Gateway franchisee which is outside of the remit, and above and beyond what I originally expected. Gateway has opened up all sorts of doors and created more opportunities. It has allowed me to network with some of the most foremost experts in the industry. I have learnt skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life.

"Finally the income generated through the franchise has surpassed all expectations. There is very little financial risk from my point of view because Gateway funds the transactions. My running costs are minimal. Finally the flexibility of the nature of the business and the way the appointments are dealt with means that I get to enjoy my own recreational time as well and get to spend quality time with my family.

"I would highly recommend a Gateway franchise to anybody who wants a fantastic income, wants to be a property trader but with minimal risk and maximum reward, and who is prepared to be proactive and network with like-minded people in this lucrative industry."

Paul Taylor - Mersey, Bolton & Wigan, Chester & North Wales, Warrington, South Manchester, Central Manchester, Preston & Blackpool and Wirral & Chester

"I began my relationship with Gateway Homes three years ago when I started to purchase discounted properties from them. One of the managers mentioned the franchise opportunity to me and I was intrigued. Gateway Homes were one of the most powerful cash buying companies in the UK and I decided that this was something that I wanted to be a part of. I knew that my background in the property industry would tie in nicely with a Gateway Homes franchise, so I decided to go ahead.

"The support that I have received from Gateway Homes has been superb. Their detailed franchise training manual, as well as their bespoke lead management system, are very good aids. I am also able to order branded stationery items at the click of a button and the speed of delivery is always good.

"From a personnel point of view, the head office team are all very knowledgeable and have a great deal of expertise in property valuations. I rarely differ with their opinions, and they are always available to talk and discuss any issues that I may have. The management team are always available to see me when I ask and have always given me the support that I have requested. I have found their 'open door' policy particularly helpful.

"The franchise suits me as a means to get into a business where the infrastructure, backup, support and brand name are already in place, without having to start from scratch, where the alternative likelihood would be instant failure. As I am highly motivated, I enjoy managing my time to optimise my ability to manage as many appointments as possible in order to close more deals. The Gateway Homes franchise is still very much an evolving business, and I would certainly recommend the potential of the business going forward."

Oliver Barber - Durham and Newcastle upon Tyne

"I wanted to learn about the discounted property industry so I began to search for franchises online, and I soon came across Gateway Homes. At the time the Company were the market leader in this sector which left me wanting to learn more. I wanted to know how I could reap the benefits of this success without taking the financial risk of setting up my own company.

"I contacted Gateway Homes and found that they were able to offer me an extremely competitive income, as well as a valuable insight into the workings of the property industry. Following an in-depth training program and a vast amount of support from Head Office I began to carry out property appraisals on a daily basis. My two years' experience as a franchisee at Gateway Homes has given me a fascinating education in the property industry which I am currently putting to good use with other business ventures.

"I would recommend the Gateway Homes franchise to anyone who wants a long-term involvement in the property industry along with an exceptional income. Gateway Homes eliminate the stressful part of running your own business as they fund all of the transactions, but enable their franchisees to benefit from the rewards. The team at head office have a tailored process to progress each transaction from the legal paperwork to the financing of each property. I have found that this approach maximises efficiency and leaves me with time to continue to provide a personalised, customer focused service."

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