Imran Kalam (Kaspa’s Desserts Multi Unit Franchisee - Catford, Bristol, Colchester, Crewe, Gloucester, Ipswich, Hastings, West Bromwich)

Q: What was your first impression of Kaspa’s?

A: They have an amazing range of gelato flavours to choose from which Kaspa’s create themselves. Kaspa’s are unique at what they do, without a doubt Kaspa’s make the best waffles in the country!

Q: How did you find the Franchise opening process?

A: The brilliance of Kaspa’s is that they partner with you, it’s not just about opening a new branch it’s about making something successful and Kaspa’s will always guide you in that direction. So, they really are your partners and you don’t feel that with other Franchises. They provide unbelievable support and guidance.

Q: What would you say to anybody looking to Franchise with Kaspa’s?

A: I’m opening my 10th branch now, we started off as a family business. From the beginning we’ve stayed with Kaspa’s and expanded within the Franchise. They completely took us under their wing. You might be surprised to know one of the owners actually does the training himself, which is a really nice touch I think.

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