Sanondaf`s first franchisee Kevin Smith describes his franchising journey so far.

"Prior to joining Sanondaf I ran my own retail business operating five outlets in the West Sussex area. I was also a fairly well-known character in the local business community, involving myself in local parish and community initiatives with my wife Debbie who is an accountant.

"In 2013 I had reached a certain stage in life and decided to retire from retail and look for a new business challenge that was fresh, viable and would excite me on the journey of creating my next successful business, in short, I wanted to do something really different!

"My journey took me to The British & International Franchise Exhibition at Olympia, London, and as soon as I saw the Sanondaf franchise concept, I knew it was going to be the business for me. I liked the revolutionary idea, the technology was exciting and it was a low investment - high return opportunity.

"I knew that very day I wanted to be a part of this exciting company and their first franchisee. I started the application process immediately with follow up meetings with each of the Directors who were behind the brand to complete my due diligence process.

"Fast forward four weeks and I have completed my induction training programme which took me through the science behind touch-less disinfection and the incredibly large market opportunity that exists not only in the health and care sector but also in many other industries including education, transport, hospitality, agriculture and the workplace. Add in the specialist machines, chemicals, uniform and my branded van and I am now a fully-trained and qualified Sanondaf Technician, licensed to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses in any work or domestic situation.

"Did I mention I have also completed training in Infection Control, Risk Assessment and COSHH Regulations?

"From day one everybody I have met has been really interested in the services I offer and I have already dealt with enquiries from vets, health care professionals and other business owners in the traditional cleaning sector about Sanondaf’s unique ability in dealing with bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi that can be hazardous to health.

"A typical day involves some telephone and email canvasing but my main strength has always been my people skills so I make an effort each day to meet new people and potential customers from all walks of like to inform and educate them about how simple it can be to deal with outbreaks in the workplace and in the home. Because of the nature of bacteria and viruses anyone can be affected by them, as a business or as an individual, and ultimately dealing with this proactively has a massive benefit to health as well as financially as it is better to prevent infection rather than treat something already established.

"Even a simple situation of somebody having flu can lead to an outbreak which can result in the whole office feeling poorly or a family being affected, so I do feel I am offering a unique and revolutionary service that everyone can benefit from.

"So far the training and support has been second to none and further training is always provided when any new application, treatments or products are introduced with ongoing support always there if and when you need it.

"I am very proud to be a franchisee with Sanondaf and especially so as their first franchisee, they are a great company with dedicated, helpful people, great products and great support. I believe totally in what we do and the opportunity to genuinely help people excites and drives me. In the future, I want to continue to grow my franchise across West Sussex and be the Gold Standard for disinfection and decontamination services in the South East.."

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