Steven Sykes and Estelle Robertson had very successful careers, but wanted a better work life balance - something they could achieve through Ovenclean. 18 months down the line, Steven and Estelle are thoroughly enjoying the benefits of owning their own business and are seeing huge demand for their service!

Steven and Estelle chose a franchise due to risk limitation. "Ovenclean was a proven business model and showed evidence of a successful track record. We wanted a regular income but without the constrictions, demands and stresses of corporate life."

After meeting with several other oven cleaning franchise operations, lots of reflection, debating and further research, Steven and Estelle decided that Ovenclean felt right for them.

"The initial support consisted of 2 weeks intensive 'on-the-job' training which was supervised by another franchisee. There was so much more involved than one would have imagined! However, ongoing support was received from Head Office on request - the team are truly knowledgeable, extremely helpful and only a phone call away."

"In time, we would definitely like to grow our business and recruit others to work with us."

Like most business owners, Steven and Estelle experienced challenges, but with hard work and determination they've made their business very successful.

"We experienced a period of drought as any business does. It was a sobering and new experience– our business had previously been very busy, with a constant roll of calls, e-mails and cleans.

"But through hard work and support from Head Office, we turned it around and had the best ever trading period since the business began, largely due to prospecting for new business. We completed 40-60 oven cleans and have already been assured of getting the contract next year."

So, Steven and Estelle's business dip turned into a peak, and business has been fantastic ever since! We asked where they would like to go from here?

"In time, we would like to grow our business and recruit others. Our ambition is to fill several diaries with cleans."

When we asked if they would do it all again, they said "In a heartbeat! Owning a franchise has given us the ability to control our own destiny. If you follow the proven Ovenclean business model, you will succeed."

"It's not an easy option, but it's one of the most rewarding and satisfying things we have ever done. The business is there and the opportunity is waiting if you are prepared to work hard."

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