Trevor Finlay Enniskillen worked in his family's supermarket business before becoming a CeX franchisee.

His family sold the business as a result of low profits, due to brand supermarkets having monopolised the market.

Enniskillen enjoyed working for himself and being his own boss. He was interested in retail franchises, and started looking for various business opportunities. The CeX franchise opportunity caught his attention. He had a keen interest in the franchise's seven major product lines such as video games, DVDs, electronics, computing, music CDs, vision and mobile phones. He decided to opt for CeX franchising in order to benefit from the security of a franchise, and to utilise his 20 years of experience in retail industry. The CeX franchise made it easy to sell electrical goods to groceries and entertainment.

Enniskillen signed the Franchise agreement after meeting Hugh Man, Director of CeX, and passing a 3 day evaluation on the shop floor in an existing shop. In mid-July last year he launched his franchise, and found that his store was busy from day one.

Trevor also received 5 days in-store training before launching the franchise. In addition, he also received help from a Support Manager and a small team for the first three weeks of business. He can phone the Support Manager or anyone in the head office for assistance in future.

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