Boutique gym franchise for savvy investors
- Prime territories available across the UK -

✓ Low investment: open three 9Round units to the cost of one big-brand gym
✓ Less employees = less HR headaches
✓ Operational breakeven around 2-4 months per unit, full payback typically at 24 months

One of the lowest investment levels in the gym sector, 9Round is a world class franchise with over 750 studio gyms operating globally and it’s set to deliver premium returns to UK investors, having proved the concept domestically.


Boost your wealth

9Round franchisees are knowledgeable investors, usually with a keen interest in health and fitness. Most have added 9Round as an additional income stream and continued their existing high-powered job, lucrative contract work or running their other business(es).

The gym sector is a popular segment of the health & fitness industry, and boutique studio style gyms are a niche posting the biggest growth; whereas the traditional machine-filled gyms are fighting each other on price.


Punching above the rest

9Round Fitness
Fitness For Busy People

30-minute trainer-led full-body workouts that fit into daily life

Immersive Atmosphere

Workout-connected sound and lighting create a truly immersive experience

New Workouts Every Day

Global HQ push a new workout to your trainers every day, with video demos

Wearable Tech and App

Members can measure results, trainers can drive activity


No Fixed Class Times

Members simply arrive any time and start at one of the 9 workstations

9Round convenience for all
Convenience For All

Membership of one gym = access to all: workout near home, the office, or away

Engaged Members

Typically, 60% female with average member retention of 11months= globally

9Round training
Appealing Training Style

Intense kickboxing-themed workouts: no monotonous gym machines here!

A world-class franchisor

Lift Brands are a global player with a portfolio of franchised businesses within the health and fitness sector, including the likes of Snap Fitness. Globally this totals 6,000 units across 28 countries. This scale is only achievable through operating with absolute professionalism, ensuring everything is done to help franchisees succeed.

Rolling out the Snap Fitness brand provided valuable insights into the UK market, but our owners still chose to prove 9Round with six pilot units operating over several years prior to officially launching the franchise opportunity.

The UK team are based in South West London and provide support at every stage of your journey, from sourcing property to training your management team and promoting your units.

9Round vs traditional gyms

People are demanding more convenience and faster, more engaging workouts in a more pleasant and immersive environment. We believe our business model has many advantages over traditional gyms and franchises in other sectors.

✓ The right time to invest – boutique gyms are thriving
✓ Finding PROPERTY is generally easier and quicker with smaller 1,000-1,500sq. ft units
✓ 9Round trainers get to know members by name, unlike the big volume-member gyms
✓ Typical opening hours 7am – 9pm weekdays, weekends depend on location
✓ Monthly subscription income with returning members rather than passing trade


Owner Manager
One Gym
Starter pack

Invest from £65k +50% bank funding, subject to status

Great second income stream
EBITDA: circa £80K+ p/a (yrs 3-5)

Start your first gym
Work 2-3-hrs per day
Check-in on your trainers
Focus on marketing and sales

Option to add more gyms in the future

Owner Investor
Starter pack

Invest from £250k +50% bank funding, subject to status

Multi-unit investment opportunity
EBITDA: circa £250K+ p/a (yrs 3-5)

18-month roll out plan
Employ your own management team
Full dashboard to oversee all your gyms
Typically visot each unit once per week

Option to add more gyms in the future

Get in touch with Scott to discuss your aspirations and see if 9Round could be the right investment for you.

Following this call, the next step would then be to book in to come along for a chat in-person and meet the Lift Brands UK team in south-west London. This would also give you the opportunity to view our gym in Wandsworth and really understand the 9Round model in action.

We look forward to hearing from you.




What our franchise partners say

What our franchise partners say

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