Auntie Anne's

A hot franchise opportunity in the UK
Auntie Anne`s is a snack food retailer selling delicious freshly baked hand-rolled soft pretzels in a range of sweet and savoury flavours. They come with optional dips and are supplemented by various drinks.

A take-away snack concept that has proven hugely successful in several countries including the US, Hong Kong and Thailand - and is now set to become a major new snack food retailer in the UK, building on the success of the existing stores already operating.

In the last 19 years the number of Auntie Anne`s outlets has grown to over 900 across 14 different countries, and they are the market leader in pretzel retailing in North America.

Who are Auntie Anne`s?
The business was founded by Anne Beiler in Philadelphia, USA in 1988 and was an immediate success. Based around a proprietary `secret` recipe, Auntie Anne`s Pretzels were very popular and soon started to sell in great numbers.

The first stores opened in Pennsylvania. Product exposure was high in this well populated area and an interest in franchising soon arose.
In February 1989 the company granted its first franchise and now there are nearly 300 franchise owners worldwide. Franchising is the key to the success of Auntie Anne`s growth in the USA.

Many stores are based in busy shopping centres and high footfall locations in the USA and this trend has continued both here in the UK and elsewhere.

Today, the Auntie Anne`s philosophy is the same as it has always been - `At Auntie Anne`s we serve fresh, hot, golden brown pretzels with friendly, courteous customer service in a sparkling clean store�?

What are Pretzels?
For many consumers in the UK soft freshly baked pretzels are new to them. Auntie Anne`s pretzels are mixed, hand rolled and baked on site using a unique flour blend. They are a delicious `grab and go` snack for the busy consumer, whether they are our sweet or savoury varieties.

We can guarantee once customers try the pretzels they will become regular clients, coming back time and again to enjoy what is one of the freshest snacks available today in the UK.

The overall offer to consumers is unique in the UK and the many benefits of pretzels include having neither additives nor trans fats. Many pretzels are very low in fat content.

We believe that once you have seen one of our stores and tried the product you will want to own and run an Auntie Anne`s franchise.

Reasons for Auntie Anne`s Success
Auntie Anne`s pretzels make a tasty, freshly
baked delicious snack. They are well priced and
satisfy the appetite of children and adults alike.
They are unique in the world of fast food retailing.

The key benefits of the product are:

    • Fresh hand rolled soft pretzels are baked on site - not frozen and subsequently heated


    • Nutritious and made from additive-free dough (with some pretzels containing less than 5% fat)


    • Range of sweet and savoury flavours to offer variety and to ensure customer loyalty


    • Consistent brand image to reinforce the feel good factor and build customer trust


    • Excellent complimentary products including freshly made lemonade, Dutch Ice, Coffee and several soft drinks


    • All served from a sparkling clean store

Try one of our pretzels and you`ll be a fan forever!

The benefits of growing through franchising
Auntie Anne`s already has many successful franchise owners worldwide. In the UK, the Cheltenham store was the first franchise and is doing extremely well.

Sales have exceeded my expectations and we have enjoyed a profitable first two year`s trading. We are looking forward to working with the new owners to develop the Auntie Anne`s brand into a nationally known fast food snack retailer. Mahasti - Cheltenham franchise owner.

The Croydon franchise owner Jay de Silva says:
I worked as a Manager for two years at Auntie Anne`s before I bought the Croydon company store in 2006. Since then I have seen both a growth in sales and growing customer loyalty. I have subsequently acquired the Sutton and Wandsworth stores and I am expecting to see similar growth trends. I love the product, dealing with customers and giving them the best service possible - Auntie Anne`s is going to be a real success in the UK because the pretzels are so tasty and appetising. The Management genuinely understand about franchising and have been very supportive since I took on the three stores and I believe in their long term plans to develop the business through franchising.

Contact us for more information and to arrange a meeting, as we truly believe that the Auntie Anne`s franchise will be your best decision to enhance your wealth and enjoyment in running your own business.

Auntie Anne`s support strategy
Being a franchise owner of Auntie Anne`s means you are not on your own. You can tap into existing knowledge and experience, together with our buying power to enable you to start an Auntie Anne`s Franchise through a `turnkey operation`.

What you get from the Auntie Anne`s franchise -

    • You are following an established operational system


    • You purchase goods from existing approved suppliers


    • We use approved architects and shop fitters on a pre-negotiated fee basis


    • We sell only approved products to give consistency throughout the UK all of which are tried and tested


    • You join the exciting uniform programme - contemporary and casual


    • You follow the high standards of cleanliness as set out in the manuals


    • You benefit from participation in our marketing programmes with the growing advantage of a pooled budget


    • You have an experienced management team who work with you to grow your business and your profits - `Your success is our success`

Your next move
The master Franchise for Auntie Anne`s in the UK and Ireland is owned by an experienced Franchisor and there are tremendous opportunities to develop both single and multiple stores throughout the country.

Robert Burton - shareholder and Managing Director in Pretzels UK Limited t/a Auntie Anne`s - owned and operated the Thrifty Car Rental Master Franchise for
12 years developing it into an 80 location successful franchise business. He brings with him significant experience to develop the Auntie Anne`s franchise throughout the UK and Ireland.

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