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Since the launch of Bartercard in 1991, businesses have bartered within a network of thousands of members around the world. It is designed to assist businesses in improving their cash flow and reducing cash expenses through the use of modern bartering.

Bartercard operates within nine countries and has 75 offices worldwide allowing its members and franchisees to establish new business marketings on a local, national and international scale. Bartercard also provides you with an interest-free line of credit, creating an additional source of funding for you to invest in the growth of your business.

The power of Bartercard’s modern-day bartering is that you can conserve cash and reduce expenses by using our digital currency, known as a trade pound, to swap your products or services indirectly with any business within the Bartercard network.


Franchisees grow their businesses by meeting business owners and demonstrating how Bartercard works and how Bartercard is a key tool in the development of their business by:

  • Guaranteeing to bring new customers and increased sales
  • Saving cash and improving cash flow
  • Providing the opportunity to fill their spare capacity or downtime and sell their excess stock without special offers or discounts
  • Improving profitability
  • Providing an interest-free line of credit to preserve cash

In return, Bartercard provides a comprehensive support programme including business planning templates, office set-up and support, regional marketing support and initial and on-going training.

Bartercard offers the perfect opportunity to build and run your own business with the backing and support of a world-leading established brand.