Business For Breakfast Surrey Resale

##About Business For Breakfast
Business for Breakfast (BforB) meets the needs of businesspeople, business owners and professionals by facilitating a relaxed environment for successful business referral throughout the UK. The franchise was established in the UK in 2000. BforB also has successful businesses operation in Ireland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as Australia, with expansion plans beyond.

BforB started from a need to generate continuous referred leads to increase sales in a cost effective way. Recognising that a relaxed and friendly environment allows natural business relationships to emerge, BforB’s structured and relaxed approach to their referral meetings help to build long-term relationships which turn into business.

##How Does The BforB System Work?
The best explanation really is for you to experience the services; and by ‘experience’ we mean attending one of their business referral meetings. You will be able to see for yourself how building professional, mutually-beneficial business relationships have generated millions of pounds of referred business for its members.

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BforB is a business referral marketing organisation with a system designed to generate sustainable business for its members, as well as generating real return on investment. Their principle is founded on three business keystones or building blocks: ‘know’, ‘like’ and ‘trust’.

By attending a BforB meeting you will begin the process of getting to ‘know’ other members of your business team. By regularly attending their fortnightly meetings, contributing and participating in their system and holding one-to-one meetings, you will soon be able to build relationships and develop friendships with people you ‘like’. By demonstrating that you have the skills and the expertise to deliver a standard and quality of service that other members respect, and vice versa, you will then be able to build ‘trust’ within the group.

The regular fortnightly meetings with fellow members will give you the opportunity to dig down and find the real referrals for other members, as well as thinking about ideal referrals for yourself, and how you could help each other grow. With a very simple self–checking process you can guarantee that, once the system is fully implemented, it can continually build and grow itself for the life of your franchise.

Business for Breakfast Surrey is home to 61,900 businesses (2011).

* 99.5% are small and medium enterprises (SMEs – less than 250 employees)
* 97% employ less than 50 people
* 88.2% are micro-businesses (less than 10 employees)
* 81% employ fewer than five staff.
* Surrey`s entrepreneurial culture is shown in its business start up rates; 7,150 new enterprises were started in 2011

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