What is fit20?

fit20 is a personal training franchise concept founded in The Netherlands in 2009. We have 150 studios open in 8 countries. More than 16,000 people worldwide train with us every week. We are seeking entrepreneurs with a passion for customer service excellence and fitness. Our franchise owners are supported to do what it takes to build their franchise business and help their clients lead healthier lives at the same time.

We use slow-motion, high intensity strength training to reach optimal results for each client in a weekly appointment session supervised by a fit20 qualified Personal Trainer. Clients train just once a week leaving necessary time for muscles to remodel, adapt and strengthen.

Specialist personal trainers are at the heart of the fit20 experience. Our fit20 academy ensures these trainers are the best in their field.

We have proprietary IT to track client progress and we use a proven 7-step support system to help each franchise owner build their business.

Our aim is to be the market leader in personal training for anyone who is too busy to get to the gym several times a week, or for whom working out is not a natural passion.

Clients see their progress on the fit20 App

What’s it like being a fit20 franchise owner?

Owner Manager

Typically, an owner manager will oversee the day to day operations of their business with the help of a studio manager for a single studio or multi-studio portfolio. The franchisee monitors key business metrics for a profitable business by helping our customers achieve their long term health, strength and wellness goals.

Owner Operator

The fit20 owner operator is hands-on delivering our unique training to clients and the ambassador of the fit20 brand in their community. As the studio membership grows, they will expand their team to include other fit20 qualified Personal trainers, allowing the owner to further develop the business.

The business model allows you time to own a business without working long hours within it, affording you a meaningful work/life balance.

What training and support do we provide?

We believe “learning is everything” and are committed to helping our clients get measurable results. The same commitment is shown in supporting our franchisees to succeed.

We will enrol you in our fit20 Academy and make you a specialist in the fit20 training method, we also train you to be an effective studio owner. That means you’ll learn everything about our training method, and about our business system for success. Part of the training is online so you can learn at your own pace.

We have extensive training modules for the trainers that you’ll hire, and we offer follow-up training sessions as well.

An important part of our fit20 success model is to keep you and your staff updated on all the latest development and action points.

  • Comprehensive training at Head Office for Franchisee and new Personal Trainer on-boarding
  • Ongoing support via monthly Masterclasses, regular access to the Business Development and Trainers academy Teams, and Annual Events.
  • Training for proprietary fit20 trainers app.
  • Help with property search and site negotiation
  • Help with recruiting the right Personal Trainers
  • Introduction to finance providers if required
  • Studio design and layout service

What are the benefits of being a fit20 Franchisee?

  • Low investment especially compared to other fitness franchises
  • Low staffing model- a fit20 studio can be run by as little as two personal trainers
  • Limited competition for same size unit space
  • Unique fitness concept with above industry retention rates
  • Global concept with 150+ locations in 8 countries, and growing
  • Membership model generates repeat income from day one.
  • Payment is by direct debit, which means you minimise your bookkeeping activities.
  • Client payments are essentially automatic.
  • You can scale up your income by opening more studios, because you don't have to limit your aspirations to just one studio. The more studios you have, the greater your income potential.
  • You minimise overheads because your studio only needs to be about 600sq feet, and this maximises profitability.

What are we looking for in a Franchisee?

Our franchisees are positive, energetic and enterprising people who want to build a successful business. They are passionate about helping people improve their health and fitness. Whether you want to own a single studio, multiple studios, or develop an entire territory, you’ll understand how brand standards and a commitment to supporting people and delivering results for customers drives business growth.

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What our franchise partners say

What our franchise partners say

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