Interface Financial Group

Summary of Operation:
For over 40 years, IFG has been the leading alternative funding source for small businesses. IFG provides short-term working capital funding in the form of a unique Invoice Discounting service - a fast and easy way for small businesses to turn receivables into cash. IFG has over 150 offices worldwide.

Ideal Franchise Owner:
IFG franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, but they all possess the following traits: They are excellent communicators; decision makers; problem solvers; relationship builders; and entrepreneurs with a strong business background.

Training Provided:
Initial training includes 3, 2-day sessions: The first is self-directed, working through our Operations Manual. The 2nd is at the IFG training centre for full orientation and practical exposure to IFG software. The 3rd is a practical marketing period at the franchisee’s location to become established in the business community.

Training Location:
In the U.K. Interface has established offices and a training centre on the grounds of Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol.

Support Services:
After the initial 3 2-day training sessions, there is a 12-week coaching programme, coupled with a 13-week ’getting started’ post-training agenda. IFG also offers ongoing training and support throughout the life of the franchise.

Year Established: 1972
Year of First Franchise: 1990
Number of Company Outlets: 0
Number of Franchised Outlets: 150
Franchises Planned: 20
Areas of Priority Development:

Overseas Opportunities Exist: Worldwide
Overseas Opportunities Planned: Worldwide

Total Cost of Franchise: £25,000.
Initial Investment: £0
Management Service Fees Payable: £150.00 monthly.
Breakdown of Package: IFG is a home-based, B2B franchise with an above-average ROI, low overhead, flexible, professional, and portable. IFG does not grant exclusive territories, and the franchise can be used as a transition vehicle - gradually working and building the IFG business until the franchisee is ready to leave corporate life.
Financial Assistance Available: No

BFA Member: No
IFA Member: Yes


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