Summary of Operation: In NENOOS we promote the comprehensive development of our students in three dimensions through a M.B.E global approach (MIND+BODY+EMOTION).

We offer innovative, differentiated and quality programs to help our students acquire new skills and develop their intellect. Our programs have been tested and offer visible results.

Our programs are addressed to children between 0 and 12 years old.

You can find our after school programs in a wide variety of locations such as: NENOOS centres, private and public schools as well as associated institutions.

Our Benefits:

  • We develop skills: attention, concentration, memory, problem solving, mathematical ability, creativity), etc.
  • We increase self-esteem and motivation: Being happy.
  • We develop emotional intelligence.
  • Learning to learn: We promote talent and intelligence in the broadest sense.
  • We encourage the interest for learning and knowledge.

    “We improve academic performance and personal development”

    Ideal Franchise Owner Profile: NENOOS’s objective is to find a company/person to hold the Master in the target country with the objectives of representing the Brand policies adequately, implementing procedures and providing adequate service to our franchisees. Minimum requirements to conduct the business successfully are marketing knowledge and availability of human and material resources.

    Cost of Franchise: From €59,000

    Year Company Established: 2011

    Number of Franchises: 36

    Training Provided: We are a team of innovative and skilled professionals who work in an interdisciplinary way to develop a continuous R&D+I; from the first stage to the last. We work closely together on the different steps. You will receive comprehensive training: Educational, Technical, and Commercial Management.

Support Services Provided: We provide you with the necessary tools so you can be fully
dedicated to your business and not to have to worry about complications:

  • Management software adapted to business.
  • Full Training of NENOOS methodology.
  • Management manuals.
  • Assignment of NENOOS trademark.
  • Transfer of know-how and Brand DNA through the manual.
  • Full brand identity.
  • Advice on the local media plan.
  • Area assignment, geographical exclusivity.