Sadie The Bra Lady Sunderland Franchise Resale

##Sadie The Bra Lady Sunderland Franchise Resale
A remarkably opening has risen to acquire Sadie The Bra Lady franchise resale.

An acknowledged self-publicist, Sadie has used her strong, warm, caring personality to raise the profile of the business. This culminated in the award of Draper’s Record, Lingerie Retailer of the Year 2000. In addition she has been presented with business awards every following year until 2010 when she was again awarded Lingerie Retailer of the Year. The business has featured on several television programmes and she has been interviewed several times on radio because of her revolutionary bra fitting method.

A regular on the women’s lecture circuit in the North East, Sadie undertook some research to find out why so many women were buying the wrong bras, coming to the conclusion that the measurement guide was outdated. It had been conceived during the nineteenth century before the discovery of such materials as nylon and even elastic. The advent of these modern materials had changed the fitting characteristics of bras, whilst the fitting guide remained unchanged. After much correspondence with bra manufacturers, Sadie devised her own fitting guide and began to stock bras in the boutique. She soon developed a loyal following, and over time discontinued the fashion aspect of her outlet and focussed on bra fitting and lingerie sales. An ill-fitting bra can cause neck and back ache, and cause breasts to sag, Sadie the Bra Lady has devised a unique bra fitting method to find the correct size and style bra to suit any body shape.

The stores stock over 175 sizes and more than 4000 bras in their shops. These items have been carefully selected for their suitability and are available in a range of seasonal colours as well as the usual basic stock. This is the USP for Sadie’s retail outlets, Mrs Sadie Ayton originally ran a fashion retail operation in the 1970’s, at which time she noticed that customers’ badly fitting undergarments spoiled the effect of their outer clothing. Sadie’s stores have a vast following in the North East. Ideally you should have a retail back ground but not essential.

#Guide Price: £49,950 plus SAV*

*stock at valuation