#70% discount offered to franchisees by Besure Direct

Besure Direct has declared that they will be reducing the price of their flagship home insurance franchise. The reduced price will be valid until January.

Many franchisees are keen on this idea and are queuing up to get involved and take advantage of the offer. A resident of Thirsk, Yorkshire Mr. Jamie Jenkinson has already been approved by Besure Direct. The operations manager of Besure Direct, Heidi Evans said that they have been looking out for people like Jamie to come forward to take advantage of this offer. Heidi continued to say that Jamie has an ambition and a drive to succeed.

Besure Direct is one of the competitive franchises available on the market. They provide free leads for the initial three months of working with conversion rates. They allow extremely low overhead costs and a flexible working model in the first three months of an operation of a franchise.

Besure Direct franchise can be run from home quite easily. This can be a great opportunity for many to build and develop their business into a large scale operation. If you were looking to buy a franchise, this is the right time. Take complete advantage of the offer made by Besure Direct.