#A family affair for Ovenclean franchise owner

The Ovenclean franchise has served for the entire Watts family, with wife, husband and also two sons being involved. Four years ago, when Mike Watts invested in the Ovenclean franchise, he never thought that franchising would become a real family affair. Initially, he involved his wife Janeane followed by his sons Daniel and Bryon. When asked, Mike said that he had not originally planned to build a family business but he is glad now that all of them are working together.

Mike previously had a small shop in his village and when it closed, he relocated his stock and for a time started looking after the newsagent side of the other store. However, he deeply missed having his own business and after realising that he had lost interest in retailing, he then started to look around for something that was completely different including franchise opportunities.

Mike’s wife Janeane said that they spotted the opportunity in Ovenclean franchise and thought it was very interesting. Before taking things ahead, they carried out research and surveys in order to find out how concerned people were in using a household oven cleaning service. After asking family, friends, colleagues and neighbours, they got an overwhelming response which encouraged them to visit the head office of Ovenclean and find out more about a franchising opportunity. After their visit to the company’s head office, Mike and Janeane were convinced. So they launched their franchise in June 2005. Since then, due to the profits they have made, the entire family has become involved.