#A new lunchtime menu for pizza chain

They’re always coming up with new ideas and the new plans for Domino’s Pizza and the latest is set to be another winner.

The franchise group is launching a new marketing campaign which will see it launching a new lunchtime menu. The new sandwich menu will be rolled out across 496 stores across England after it was trialled in a few franchise outlets at the end of last year.

The pizza chain will launch a marketing campaign for its new menu and a lot of this will be focussed on the social networking sites.

Facebook has played a large part in the marketing effort of Domino’s Pizza and earlier in the year, the franchise used the social networking site to launch a media campaign which rewarded loyal customers with prizes and special offers.

As well as this, the franchise has targeted potential customers through mobile social network game Foursquare.
The Domino’s franchise is hoping that the lunchtime oven baked sandwiches will be a huge success and they will be offering a huge range of flavours to suit all tastes.

Customers can choose from a cheese steak melt, a vegi supreme or a tandoori chicken with jalapenos as well as a huge range of other tasty flavours.