#A-Star Sports Steps Into The Millions

The Christmas challenge exceeds all expectations award-winning sports coaching business A-Star Sports set the children in their classes in Chester, Flintshire, Wirral, Wrexham and Edinburgh a really tough challenge for a healthy and happy Christmas break.

Instead of handing out Christmas cards, local A-Star Sports teams gave their pupils and coaches a pedometer - and set them the target of making it past 5 million steps. As one national team, the amazing young ‘stars’ marched their way to an unbelievable 11,471,050 steps - more than double the target set for them.

A-Star Sports co-founder and director Sharon Bassett said: This is just fantastic. We thought 5 million steps was a big ask - but it just shows how fitness can motivate people to achieve things of which they wouldn`t have thought themselves capable.

The Step Challenge was set up to help local children who already join enthusiastically in regular weekly classes to take the same passion for being active into the Christmas and New Year holidays. By smashing through the 11 million barrier, many youngsters will be rewarded with places at A-Star Sports’ ever popular holiday clubs (local terms and conditions apply), where sport is double the fun.

Bassett explained: “The children who recorded the closest number of steps to the coaches taking part each won a prize of one full session, or its equivalent, at one of our holiday clubs. The best example that we can give to the many children that attend our classes is that grown-ups can join in and have a lot of fun being active, too!”

Working with children within the targeted 0-11 years range, A-Star Sports is in a prime position to help children to develop good life habits that will significantly improve their health into adulthood. While the average person walks between 3,000 to 4,000 steps every day, and making it fun from the start sends the important message that festive fun can also mean getting active fun.

A-Star Sports offers multi-sports coaching for children from two years old to 10, teaching them to play individually, in games with a partner or in teams. From the fundamentals through to 10 core sports (basketball, cricket, dodgeball, football, handball, hockey, rounders, rugby, tennis and volleyball), children learn in a positive environment with highly motivated coaches.