#Actic Web Design Franchise Provides Perfect Family Business

Activ Web Design has proved to be the perfect family business for its owner Eric Fitton and his wife Julie.

Eric, an ambitious Australian entrepreneur, came across Activ Web Design while looking for a business to run alongside his full-time job. “I have always had a great deal of interest in technology and design so when I spotted the Activ advertisement it got my attention straight away,” Eric said.  “Initially I took it on part-time as I have a full-time position, which takes up most of my time, my thoughts were that I could fit Activ in during my spare time.”

As well as providing web designs, Eric offers his customers a range of services, which resulted in a sharp increase in the number of customers his business generates.  To meet demand his wife joined the business.  “My wife and I had always fancied having our own family business,” he continued.  “As the business developed and generated a number of additional opportunities, it needed more attention which was great for us as my wife got involved in the day-to-day running of the business.

“Before Activ I had my full-time job and my wife was at home doing the housewife role, things have changed much for my wife, she now has a goal to achieve with the business and although our days are pretty full and busy there is a great sense of achievement when we get a new customer.”

With their business thriving, Eric and Julie have benefited from the support they have received from Activ Web Design head office.  Eric added:  “I have been really impressed with the support I have received from Activ head office in the UK. Although I am 13,000 miles and several time zones away, I am always able to get hold of the support team when I have needed them, nothing seems to be too much trouble, when I ask for help it is there straight away.  At initial start-up they spent several hours at a time on the phone walking me through the tools available to help me develop and grow the business. The experienced staff are always there to point me in the right direction if I come across a new situation and they are always offering to call me and walk me through any trouble spots, offering advice both on design and business in general.

Keen to see his business grow Eric has been working hard to make it a success.  “Enthusiasm is required to get the business off the ground and you cannot let up once things start moving.  That said, the feeling of accomplishment when you release a new website and a customer tells you how impressed he is with the ease of it all and the apperance of his new website, certainly makes up for all the effort along the way.  If I had to do it all again I would without hesitation.”